Tamarit Library 

Biblioteca Tamarit

Biblioteca Tamarit

Address: C/ Tamarit, 6

Tel. 96 296 37 40


–  Monday to Friday: 9:00 h – 14:00 h / 17:00 h – 20:00 h

–  Saturday: 10:30 h – 13:30 h


Summer timetable: July 1st to September 17th

Monday to Friday: 8:30 h – 14:30 h


E-mail: bibliotecatamarit@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteques Oliva



Envic Library

Biblioteca de l'Envic

Biblioteca de l’Envic

Address: Passeig Gregori Maians, 36

Tel. 96 296 33 94


– Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 h – 14 h

– Tuesday and Thursday: 17:00 h – 20:00 h


Summer timetable: July 1st to September 17th

_   Monday to Friday: 9:00 h – 14:00 h

Closed in August


E-mail: bibliotecaenvic@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biblioteques Oliva



Access conditions:      


– It is forbidden to smoke or eat in the library buildings.

– Animals are not permitted in the library buildings.

– Users may carry only plastic bottles of water when using the reading rooms.

– Any other type of drink will have to be disposed of in the lobby.

– Satchels and bags will have to be left in the designed areas.

– Mobile phones or any other electronic devices than can cause any trouble to other users should be turned off.

– Photography and video recording are prohibited without the permission of library staff.





Library information


At the check-in desk you can request loans and find information about membership cards and the library’s terms and conditions of use.

It is also the reference point where you can ask about any doubts or inquiries you may have. We will be happy to help you.


Reading room


We offer free access to all the collections (books, magazines, press, audiovisuals, electronic documents, etc).

If you have any doubt please don’t hesitate to ask our staff.


Personal loans 

préstec personal

Our library services offer to all its users the biggest part of the bibliography material, audiovisual and computer services for home lending.

To make use of the personal loans it is necessary to be a member, which is useful for all participating libraries from the XLPV (Valencian Public Lecture System).


a)     Access conditions:

–    Fill out the application. For young members, the signature of a parent or tutor will be needed.

–    ID card or passport copy. For young members (under 14 years old) they will have to attach the responsible adult’s ID or passport copy.

–     Provide a recent photograph.

The membership card is personal and non- transferable, and valid for 2 years, after which it will be automatically renewed. In case of loss or theft you should contact us immediately. If lost, youwill be charged for the replacement. If you bring us the report of the theft you will freely obtain a new membership card.


b)     Loan conditions

–    The membership card allows you to have access to all the XLPV with a total loan of 12 documents.

–    The total number of documents a member can loan through all the library system in Oliva is also 12.

–    The total loan in each lecture centre of Oliva will be of 3 books and 4 other documents (not books), at a maximum of two items per format (DVD, CD, CD- Rom), which is also the total limit of the system.


End of loan
Maximum documents per centre
Book 15 days 3 Yes
DVD 7 days 2 No
CD 7 days 2 No
CD- rom 7 days 2 No


Loans of reference books (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, annuals etc.) and periodicals (newspapers, recent issues of magazines) are excluded.

The loan service will finish 15 minutes before the closure of the library.

The book loan period will be of 15 days extendable to 15 days more, providing that the item is not on the reservations list or has not been requested by anyone else. The loan renewal will not be possible if the item in question is overdue.

You can make the renewal either in the library or through telephone or in the XLPV web page (www.xlpv.cult.gva.es), using the password provided with the membership card.

Members that do not adhere to the loan period will be penalized with one day of suspension per day of delay and for each document that has not been returned on time.

Within the period of one month since the material should have been returned the library services will notify the user. After this month of failure to comply with the library rules the user will be included in the debtor system list and will not be able to use any service of the XLPV libraries.

The failure to comply with the library norms will affect to all library users, who cannot use the documents that have not been returned. Furthermore, a long period of delay affects the quality, novelty and the updating content of the document. So if the user surpasses one year of loan he/she will have to replace the same document which has been borrowed or another one with the same price.

If the user has lost or damaged the loaned document, he/she will also have to acquire and hand in a new copy of that document. If you have any questions or doubts about loan policy, please ask our staff. If this policy is not carried out, the membership card will be cancelled across the entire Valencian Public Lecture System.

The replacement of the document which has been lost will not exempt the user from his fine.


Interlibrary loan


The XLPV, through our library services, offers the possibility to access all the materials included in the Valencian Public Lecture System.



a)     Access conditions.

In order to have access to the interlibrary loan it is necessary to have the XLPV member card and not be the subject of any existing penalties. The taxes of the services will be the ones existing at that time.

b)     Loan conditions.

Novelties and the most demanded books are excluded from the interlibrary loan,

The loaning of local section volumes, magazines and audiovisual material will be subjected to library services criterion.


Internet access


Wi-fi access and computers available.

CONDITIONS OF USE of our computers:


–    It is necessary to present the library membership card.

–    Users under 18 years old, as well as presenting a membership card, will have to present the authorisation of a responsible adult in order to have internet access. [Download the internet use authorisation].

–    The time of internet use will be of 30 minutes extendable to other 30 minutes more if there is nobody else waiting.

–    Internet sessions are individual and may not be shared with another user.

–    Internet sessions will finish 15 minutes before the closure of the library.

–    Everyone should respect users’ privacy and keep away from computers which are being used.

–    The library is not responsible of the information that users access.

–    Users should read the information about Copyright themes.

–    In the event of improper use of the service or if the user surpasses the allotted time, the library staff will be able to terminate internet access.

–    Users will be able to print a maximum of 15 sheets. The price of each one is 0.10 €.


Printing services


Users will be able to make copies from 0,10 in A4 and 0.20 in A3, only of library material. Copies of ID cards or passports may be done only for the membership card development.




The System of Valencian Public Lecture offers its users different online benefits such as the loan renewal, the chance to reserve documents or make suggestions for purchase.


Documents  (PDF)

Membership card application.

Internet access authorisation.

Interlibrary loan

Book donations





The library services provide a list of texts called “Local Section” which consists of documents focusing on a variety of subjects. Those subjects take into account Oliva and the Safor region. Olivarian authors’ literary texts can be found in its own section.

You can find in the attached file an index containing articles about Oliva. These articles have previously appeared in old publications such as Patria Chica, Sant’Ana,etc, in the ‘Fira i Festes’ magazine and similar ones.

These articles can be found in Tamarit library. In order to use them it is necessary to book them in advance by asking our library staff. Those documents are exempt from loan so you will only be able to make use of them in the reading room. Making copies of these documents will be subjected to certain restrictions.

In this section you can also find all the articles from Cabdells, the history and culture magazine about Oliva, which is published by the Cultural Centelles-Riusech Association.

To do so, visit www.raco.cat


CATALOGUES foto cataleg


You have online access to the whole library services lists of the XLPV.


Through the XLPV page you have access to the catalogues of:

Biblioteca Valenciana

Biblioteca Nacional de España.

All Spanish Public libraries.

Valencian Bibliographic Patrimony Collective Catalogue.

Spanish Bibliographic Patrimony Collective Catalogue.

REBIUN (University Libraries Services.)





Tamarit library offers access to its Special Collection 1. It is devoted to sold out and discontinued books, luxury editions, documentary sources, specialised materials, etc.


These books and magazines are also subjected to separate loan conditions, for which you will have to fill out a special form as well as be a member of the Valencian Public Lecture System, being subject to the current regulation of that system.




Tamarit library offers access to its Special Collection 2, mostly devoted to periodicals, encyclopaedias, local press and booklets, miscellaneous materials, etc.

These documents are excluded from loan. Please ask our staff.